Don’t Intrude . . .

Most of the time, children know what to do when we leave them alone.

Sometimes they don’t . . . if they haven’t had much practice with self-directed play!

But the interior life of a child is rich, deep, wide, and self-sustaining when it has had many, many opportunities to get to know itself. If it has had loving adults who facilitate, but don’t get in the way. Sometimes well-meaning parents and teachers are accidentally too intrusive: with photo ops, with suggestions, ideas, or actual supervision.

What are your favorite ways to facilitate a child’s self-directed play? A good recorded story? a pile of cardboard boxes? a heap of colorful scarves and hats? a green space or woodsy space or puddle or creek or sandbox?

A healthy child knows exactly what she wants to do when nobody is making her do something else! Let that little boy dig – or drive his cardboard box “truck” – or romp and stomp like a dinosaur!

Just don’t get in the way –

A girl and her book
She has invited her friend, the china chick, to listen to “Peter and the Wolf” with her. 🙂

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