Beauty for Truth’s Sake – Stratford Caldecott

Oh, I am love, love, loving re-reading this thoughtful and thought-provoking book! For the next several blog posts, I’ll share small bits of this rich text, and the meditations it elicits.

Beauty for Truth's Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education             From the introduction:

The classical “Liberal Arts” tradition of the West once offered a form of humane education that sought the integration of faith and reason, and that combined the arts and the sciences, before these things became separated, fragmented, and trivialized. We need to retrace our steps, to find the “wisdom we have lost in knowledge,” the “knowledge we have lost in information” (T. S. Eliot). 

In fact, it is not possible to separate “faith” and “reason” – and so it is not necessary for us, on our part, to labor to “integrate” them – they cannot exist apart from one another. They are “integrally related” – they already form a “whole.” It is our attempt to separate, fragment, tame (and thus trivialize) them that is the problem.

Redemptive Education is LifeintheBRIE! It is Biblical – Relational – Integral – Experiential. There is order in art – there is beauty in science. There is math in music, and music in space, and symmetry in nature, and rhythm in art, and art in physics.

(See the Chladni plates that make the action of sound waves visible!

Again, from the Introduction: The fragmentation of education into disciplines teaches us that the world is made of bits we can use and consume as we choose. This fragmentation is a denial of ultimate meaning. . . We do not need to be content with our fragmented worldview, our fractured mentality. it is not too late to seek the One who is “before all things” and in whom “all things hold together” (Col. 1:17).


Amen, Mr. Caldecott, Amen.




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