Life is GOOD!

August afternoon – summer breeze wafting, water blaster spraying, children pretending, Mamie watching and dreaming from the shady front porch . . .

Mamie says: Levi, isn’t life so wonderful? My heart is full of joy!

Levi says: Yes!! Life is even more wonderful than . . . TOYS!

Folks, it probably doesn’t get more wonderful than THAT 🙂 Thank you, Lord!

For the first time in 34 years, Mamie is NOT starting school: home schooling, teaching in a classroom, leading as Head of School, attending grad school – This is a momentous year!

The “only” thing I’m doing now is “being Mamie” and, oh yes: founding the Center for Redemptive Education with our amazing team- that’s “all,” and IT. IS. GOOD! 😉

blackboardBlessing, friends – you know I am praying daily for all of YOU who ARE starting school:  as classroom teachers, as home schooling parents, as curriculum developers, as principals, as grad students, as members of the ever-growing fellowship of Redemptive Educators!


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