Boots on the Ground . . .


How do we get those kiddos out in God’s great world? We take them. 🙂 

In the years that make up a child’s early life, God has designed the child constantly to be seeking (and discovering) “norms”: What is “normal” in my life? Whatever she typically sees, hears and experiences becomes “normative.” Whatever he practices, and sees others practice, whether purposefully or not, becomes “normative.”

Is it normative to rush? to be always indoors? to do whatever I want? to ignore others’ voices? to be entertained? to be given everything? to think about myself? to drop toys and books? to yell when I’m frustrated? grab when I see something? expect others to solve the problems? skittle-skattle-scurry-hurry all around all the time??

What does your child practice? What does he see you practice? Courteous, respectful dialogue? Following of directions? Honoring of others? Working towards a goal? Seeking the benefit of a neighbor? Spending a lot of time outdoors? Being content with what you have? Putting things away when you’re finished? Taking initiative to solve problems? Thinking charitably towards your nemesis? Patiently waiting? Delighting in beauty? Expressing thanks and appreciation?

Then these become “normative” for your child! 

So: if you want your child’s “boots on the ground,” strap on your own and go a-walking, hand in hand!


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