Information? or Imagination?

“If you are passionate about seeking justice, renewing culture, and taking up your vocation to unfurl all of creation’s potential, you need to invest in the formation of your imagination. You need to curate your heart. You need to worship well. Because you are what you love.” (James K. A. Smith in You Are What You Love, preface)


In his excellent and challenging book, You Are What You Love, James K. A. Smith explains:

“We learn to love, then, not primarily by acquiring information about what we         should love but rather through practices that form the habits of how we should love. These sorts of practices are ‘pedagogies’ of desire, not because they are like lectures that inform us, but because they are rituals that form and direct our affections.”(p.21)

If these things are true, they directly impact even the smallest of daily “rituals,” whether at home or in the classroom, whether on the playground or in the faculty lounge.

What “habits” – what “practices” – what “pedagogies of desire” characterize our approach to each day? And what do they reveal about what we love?


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