Cleaning up after Christmas . . .

hummingbird, ball,angel

Dismantling the Tree

Indiscriminately, we pluck

the ornaments from every limb.

Crispy now, needles succumb

to litter the living room floor.


We wrap no gifts – just golden orbs

and spun glass: a hummingbird,

an angel – in tattered tissue,

laid in the tomb of the Christmas bin,

to RIP in the attic again,

awaiting resurrection.


We will observe Epiphany:

but first, there is this lull

between the riot of Nativity

and coming of the Wise Ones.


We digest: too many pies,

and our perplexities.


Like Mary, like the old folk hymn,

we wonder as we wander

room to room,

collecting bows, bells, tags,

spent gift bags,


pondering the imponderables

as we clean up after Christmas.


AEI 12.30.16


Teachers! This is the weekend . . . the Saturday/Sunday/Monday that you will spend “cleaning up after Christmas” in your classroom. You want all to be fresh, all to be “new” for a New Year with your young scholars!

Keep it simple. Keep it real. Invite them into the project of entering 2017 prayerfully, joyfully, with vision and mission and shared dreams.

Remember that your students won’t recall most of your lessons – but they will never forget what they experience during their hours, days, weeks and months of life with you in your classroom. Blessings, blessings on your endeavors – yours, and those of your “flock.”

Happy New Year!




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