A Most Imperfect Christmas Tree



A Most Imperfect Christmas Tree

Here in my living room I see
a most imperfect Christmas tree:

Uneven loops of light,
and gaps where twinkles ought to be –
one low branch over-laden, bright
with ornaments hand-picked
and placed at toddler-height:

conglomerate of juxtaposed
salt-dough and silver,
glitter-glue and true gold,
(mingled faith and sight):

asymmetry, a slight
list to the left from shifting weight,
pure absence where one might
expect a limb: and yet . . .(and yet!)

Green, the hardy needles sing
their piney praises! All delight
to be uplifted on this night
of certainty and mystery:

symbol of immortality,
of all that is, and is to be:

our most imperfect Christmas tree! 

(AEI 12/16)









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