Mouth of a Donkey


The mouth of a donkey! Buck teeth, stiff bristles, yes. . .  But when you look more closely – or, if you get the sweet opportunity to pat a donkey “in person”! – you will discover the velvety softness of that homely-looking mouth! Donkeys are adept at discerning what may be consumed, and what may be best left alone. Their mouths are sensitive and tough at the same time. But the donkey has a God-given capability that I would like to have: it eats prickly thistles and grows strong from them!

Thistles . . . that non-native invasive species I was not supposed to plant. 🙂 Sometimes we encounter “thistles” – that seem quite foreign to us – right around our own kitchen tables! (“How could a child of mine NOT like to read?!”). Sometimes those “non-native thistles” walk right into our Redemptive Ed classrooms and we wonder what to do with them. Sometimes that “thistle” sits at the principal’s desk. Sometimes that “thistle” teaches in the room next door.

And as for “invasive”?  Well, it only takes one small kindergarten wild thing to turn a whole group of five year olds topsy turvy. 

Redemptive Educators – we need the mouth of a donkey. We need to take whatever God provides (or allows) and ask Him to make it a source of strength for us, to make it a venue for growth.

Lord! Give me the mouth of a donkey! Make me able today to “chomp on thistles” and grow strong from them!

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